Monday, 29 February 2016

T.E.S. - The extreme scream

T.E.S. - The extreme scream

Somewhere in Auckland NZ two young men named ‘Mose and Tavita’ and their friends in the age of 15 - 18, head off for a trip, someplace where they know there  are a lot of young ladies, here and there  they know they will have fun, and that it has the most extreme rides anyone has rode, they have set their trip too…
The extreme scream!!! Or for short  T.E.S.

Each boys split up into two pairs and left. They all had to meet back at the exit by 8: 30pm.  Mose and Tavita paired up, their first ride was going to be the ultimate ride of them all, it is going to be…
The Screaming Roller Coaster!!!  They were overwhelmed.  Once Tavita heard about this, he was so hyped that he couldn’t wait in line, literally he was so hyped he pushed in line and was taken by security all the way to the back, as well as Mose.  After waiting for like century, it was finally their turn. As Tavita and Mose sat down holding hands  if they were kids holding their mother's hand, they buckled down their seat belt and waited for it to be checked if it is secured, then they took off screaming in gladness.

Once there 100th ride was over, they were getting bored so they wanted to go to another ride, the bumper boats.  So Mose got out first, then when Tavita tried to get out he couldn’t, because he was stuck, the ride was just about to go in another five minutes, but Tavita and Mose said, “STOP! THE! RIDE!” They screamed so loud it was as if a lion was roaring.
They stopped and they surrounded them, asking him questions like, “Why did you scream?” Also “What's the problem?”
And “Why did you stop the ride?”
Mose said to them, “He’s stuck and he can’t get out.” so everyone around him were thinking of ideas to get him out.

After about 10-15 minutes one of them had in idea, but it was going to be slippery.  The idea was to cover him everywhere with butter., so all the boys grabbed one hand scoop of butter placing it all over his blue t-shirt his favorite blue t-shirt. As soon as they finished placing the butter all over him he slipped out like a pancake in a pan, once he was out his t-shirt was so buttery it became a buttery t-cake so he grabbed some baby wipes took off his t-shirt and wiping himself, he was really attracting the ladies hahaha.

The end

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