Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Market Day Recount

Team 4 Market
WALT: Write an interesting and detailed recount.

Have you ever heard of the team 4 market day?
Well that day is like the coolest day ever!!!!
Because we will be able to buy cool products, from different groups it is awesome.

There are many I mean many groups like. . . . . . . Kitchen, musical instruments, Jewels and accessories, home ware, Custom stationery and toys. I am in Jewels and accessories, my partners are Alisha and Lahval. Trade and enterprise is a day when of course we can trade stuff and buy stuff. It is a day when we can get into our group and start selling the products we have made to make money they are called
( Pt and Pieces )  

Every group had to move to a different class room like, Jewels and accessories, toys, and kitchen. The rest of the groups stayed in the team 4 space. Jewels and accessories, toys were moved to the team 3 space, but kitchen was sent outside in the porch.
Me and my group started to set up our stuff we made a big poster and we hanged it in the front of the tables. We had to use two table for all of our stuff to fit.
After that we put all the products that we have made on the table so they would be able to look at it and buy it.

At the market I was buying many thing, but the things that I wanted to buy most of all was some drums so I could wake up my brother whenever he sleeps in. My friend Roimata told me that one bucket was 3 pt but then she cut down the price for me and for me one bucket was 1pt and 50 pieces, so I got 2 and all together was three pt, and I gave that amount. After that I went to Latu she was in costume stationary, she was selling book marks they were 1 pt and 50 pieces and I bought one all together I lost 4 pt and 50 pieces I only had, then I spent my last 50 pieces by buying one of lahval’s bracelet and that was all for me.

After buying some products, I went straight back to my group and we started making more and selling more products. It was really fun selling and making stuff especially when they came out good.As people were coming to buy our products, we were kinda sorta running out of bracelets and we weren't fast enough, the only things we had left were some rings, I was panicking. I tried my best to make some more but by that time the market was over we packed up started to clean and we went into the team 4 area. It was pretty fun.

It was pretty cool I loved it because, I could buy stuff but also I was really happy that I got the drums, because ever since I got them my brother has been waking up earlier than ever.
It was so fun making and selling and buying, I just feel like going back in time and doing that whole again. But most of all I had this really nice feeling a warm feeling jumping up and down with joy.

Description of learning

Here is a recount that I made about our market day last Friday. Our task was to write a peace of writing explaining what is our market day why are we having a market day what did I make with my business group to sell Setting up our group and conclusion. 

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