Thursday, 14 August 2014

Punctuating a paragraph

Put the correct punctuation marks to this paragraph. When you’ve finished post this to your blog. Title: Punctuating a paragraph
fullstops, speech marks and capital letters in the right place

go yelled dad he was yelling at the tv while watching the boxing during the commonwealth games Dad was watching very intensely david nyika looked strong boom his opponent was knocked to the ground hooray we all shouted david won gold and he is a champion wow i thought i want to be a boxer when i grow up

Once finished please post this to your blog.

Title: Punctuating a paragraph

When I got back home I saw the couch from out the window. I felt like it was waiting for me two lay down and sleep on it. But instead my dad went and layed down on it, the couch looked like it didn’t want my dad to lay down on it, and trying to get him off the couch, it could not because it had no hands.

So when I came to my dad he was watching the commonwealth games that he, recorded to watch. I saw that it was heavy weight lifting that he was watching,

Samoa was up next went samoa went he was so worried that they might drop it, but when he was watching, he saw that he got it up and stood up and said “ GO! SAMOA! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” When I heard him I jumped in a fright but then I calm down and went back to sleep.

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