Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The lightest tree in the world.

The Lightest Wood in the World? 1.1.04
Entelea arborescens
WALT: Use the text to find information, and make inferences.

1. What does pruning mean? Pruning means to trim (A tree or shrub, or brush) It is good for it to

2. Why does grandma want to save the seeds?Grandma wanted to save the seeds because she wanted to save them so the Possums have been eating them and there were nearly none left at all.

3. What did the boys observe about the wood? The two boys just found out that the brown dry wood were very light.

4. Why do you think Daniel thought it was a good idea to make rafts from the whau?Daniel thought it was a good idea to make a raft from the whau because they were heavier than the dried green ones.

5. What was the difference between the brown whau branches and the green green whau branches? The brown ones were light and dry and the green green branches were to  heavy.

6. Which raft do you think will float better and why? The brown raft won because it was nice and light a nd easy to float as well.

7. What observations (notice) did they make about putting the lemons on the rafts?
Dry whau raft:The thing the happened to the dry whau raft when they started to put the lemons on is that it kept on floating.
Green whau raft:The thing that happened to the green green whau boat is that when they put the lemons on it sank down and colin won the race.
Pine raft:I am not sure?

Hi there Pt England students would you like to know what I did for my learning? Well if you then read my learning on top of this writing and if you don't understand just keep reading and for the teachers you already understand so all you need to do is read and leave a comment please. Oh and please little ones leave a comment as well thank you.

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